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Please contact our team. sales@flowers.nl or by phone +31 85 27 32 330

How fast can you can deliver?
Order before 13:00 local dutch time, and your order will be delivered the same day. No Delivery possible on Sunday in The Netherlands.

Delivery time      |   Order deadline.
9:00  - 12:00 hr    |  Working day before at 18:00 hr
12:00  - 18:00 hr  |  same day at 13:00 hr

If the order is placed after 13:00 is same day delivery then still possible?
Yes, this is possible however not guaranteed, We will do our best for you!

Is delivery outside office times possible?
Yes, From Monday - Saturday from  9.00  until 18.00. No delivery on Sunday and holidays.
How can I pay
We accept all major credit-cards, Pay-pal and Ideal(Dutch payment system)
What is the CVC / CVV  code on my credit-card?
This number is printed on your MasterCard & Visa cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (it is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card),
You can find your four-digit card verification number on the front of your American Express credit card above the credit card number on either the right or the left side of your credit card.

I want send several bouquets, do I pay extra delivery charge?
You only pay delivery charge per address. Irrespective of the number of bouquets. For large numbers  of bouquets contact our sales-team.

What is the delivery charge?
Delivery charge is € 7,95

Do you also provide also plant arrangement or flower arrangements ?
Yes,we provide these please see the department for this.
What happens there if the recipient is not at home?
If the recipient is not  at home, we will try to deliver the flowers with the neighbors and the recipient will find a note or card in the Postbox with the address where flowers have been delivered.
In case that  the deliveryman could not leave the flowers with  the neighbors we will take the flowers back to the store and leave a message in the postbox and ask the recipient to call us.

Do I receive an confirmation of my order?
Yes, directly after you completed your order on our website  you receive  an automatic e-mail confirmation with all the order details. Please read the confirmation carefully and inform us directly if you notice an error in the confirmation.
Can I trace my order?
Yes, We have connected our Track and Trace information with our Florist. As soon as the flowers are in transit until the moment of delivery, you will receive a notification email.

I want to order something else then presented. Is that possible?
Yes, that is no problem. Almost everything is possible. All colors bouquets and most of the common flower types are deliverable. In this case use the arrange your own bouquet option.

Can you also deliver in hospitals, hotels or a camp-site?
Yes, in these cases you should gives us as much information as possible, such as department, room number, (maiden name)name etc..  A mobile-phone number of the recipient increased the chance of providing flowers on the correct address and person.

I want order something for a funeral, which information do you need?
With orders for a funeral  it is extra important that  You provide us with as much information as possible, such as the name of the funeral center, the name of the deceased, and the date and time of the funeral.

Do you deliver international?
please visit www.topflowers.EU for international flower orders.