We make your events bloom.


We would like to introduce you into the artistically minded world of working with natural materials. The practice can be used in a commercial or visual way. Our team of enthusiastic  floral designers and  their unlimited imaginairy way of expressions reflects always the best result.

A worldwide service that we provide is our Party and Expo service. A team of high qualified masters in floral design are able to create that special floral effect to your party or show worldwide.

  • Dining in style
  • Interior lifestyle
  • Product presentations
  • Holiday presentations

Our group of floral designers will present to you  an unlimited imaginairy way of working with natural materials.

Decoration of Expo's and party's with flowers.If there is one environment where flowers determine the mood, then it has to be at an exhibition ,your corporate or personal party.

Our people know how to create a maximum effect with minimum resources, and the flower arrangements are the finishing touch. We can complete this job for you ! Worldwide.

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